Sri Mirambika School was started in the year 1968 by Late Shri Prahalbhai Patel and Mrudulaben Patel. They began the school with the blessings of Sri Aurobindo (Pondicherry) and The Mother (Mira Alfassa, Pondicherry). Today Sri Mirambika School has expanded its wings to new horizons of education.

Sri Mirambika is thriving to be a universal school, where boys and girls can come and get their education in progressive harmony, above all creed, politics and nationalities.

The purpose is to realize Human Unity.

Our Vision

In Sri Mirambika School, we embrace a unique blend of values directed at achieving the highest standards of scholarship and the highest levels of commitment to society. We value:

  • Respect, honesty, and integrity
  • Diversity in all its dimensions (ideas, people, places)
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Free and open exchange of ideas
  • Responsible and innovative
  • Commitment to scientific rigor and academic excellence

February 21, 1878 - November 17, 1973

August 15, 1872–December 5, 1950